HM TRAINING provides customized sports & coaching services by combining Personal Training and Physiotherapy. The main focus in every training session is maintaining POSTURE.

Working as a Physiotherapist, I’m confronted daily with injuries because of uncontrolled movement. Maintaining posture during daily and sporting activities are the key to long term succes. Nothing feels as bad as a cessation of your sporting activities because of injury.

A responsible and planned approach is necessary for an optimal result. HM TRAINING is an indispensable tool for every athlete.

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Personal Training Brussels

Providing individual coaching for all your sporting activities.

Next to the training facility there is the physiotherapist facility, an athlete’s track, swimming pool and outdoor parks.

Optimal facility and services for athletes with certain goals (e.g. 20km run, triathlon, …), people with a busy agenda or persons with a medical background (e.g. low back pain, cartilage pain, diabetes, etc…)

PT sessions are minimum 1 hour, and include individual coaching for all your sporting activities. Facilities provide lockers and showers.

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Personal Trainer Brussels



HM TRAINING was founded by Harold Marreyt, active as Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist and Personal Trainer Brussels.

Working as a Personal Trainer and being physically active in martial arts, running, swimming and cycling I was soon confronted to injuries.

I was always fascinated by the etiology of sports injury and my obsession forced me into studying Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy. Still today this allows me to understand the human body in a different and better way.

Working as a physiotherapist with my colleagues of KINETIEK pushes me to stay up to date with the latest scientific developments.

Hereby I say thanks to my colleagues Tom, Igor, Ellen, Karlien, Sanne and the VUB University.

Graduated in:

– Master of Physical Education and Science of Movement

– Master in (Sports) Physiotherapy

– Postgraduate in Manual Therapy



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